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Free shark cards , That’s what every GTA Online player wants. With our help, you can easily get tons of FREE Grand Theft Auto Online Shark Cards whenever you want! All you have to do is complete a single offer from our advertisers and you will receive a $500,000 Bull Shark Cash Card instantly. If you first share our page with your friends by Google +1ing or tweeting it in the top left panel you will receive a $1,250,000 Great White Shark Cash Card instead of a tiger shark card! The offers never take longer to complete than a minute and there are offers for every country! This is by far the easiest method to get GTA Online Shark Cards!

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free shark cards

How does this work, How do I get my free shark cards?

Click the “Get your Cash Card” button above and complete one of our offers and you immediately get redirected to a page that has your unique Shark Card codes. This usually involves downloading an app and playing through the tutorial. You can redeem these on PSN and Xbox live by entering the code you receive. The people that you refer to us and the offers you complete cover the cost of the Shark Card codes through our advertisers. If we happen to run out of Free Shark Cards, you will instead be given an Amazon Gift code redeemable on until we restock on the Cards.  When this website is under heavy load it can take a few minutes register completion of an app download. If this happens just refresh your browser and click on the offer again, and wait a few minutes.

What are GTA Shark Card codes and what are they used for?

GTA shark cards are codes that give you currency or cash in Grand Theft Auto online. Each denomination is called after a different variation of shark, hence the name shark cards. The free shark cards can be redeemed via the Rockstar social club redeem page, after which the amount of money stated on the card is automatically added to your GTA online characters bank account. You can buy all sorts of awesome gear with the in game cash you get through our free shark cards. A few examples include: A sweet beach apartment, a luxurious yacht, armored and exotic cars, custom license plates and even strip clubs!

The Developer Rockstar constantly releases new DLC and updates for GTA online, which add new things to buy with your cash. There is a new DLC update about once every 2 months. Every update adds new vehicles and other items, some even add new property’s to buy. Using our free shark cards you can enjoy your time in GTA online having fun. no more of grinding missions for cash! Check out the About GTA Online section for info on the content updates the game has had since launch. Tons of content has been introduced to the game on which players can spend their free gta shark cards cash! You can check out info on these updates in the about GTA Online section of this website.

About GTA Online

About gta online

Grand Theft Auto Online is a fully dynamic and ever-persistent  digital online world for 16 players.  It started by sharing gameplay features, game world and mechanics with Grand Theft Auto 5. However continued to grow and evolve beyond its launch form with fresh content created by Rockstar Games. GTA Online takes the fundamental Grand Theft Auto concepts of freedom, ambient activity and mission-based gameplay and makes them available to multiple players in an incredibly detailed and responsive online world. It has been the a best seller on all platforms since its release in late 2013

In Grand Theft Auto Online: players have the freedom to explore the game alone or with friends, work cooperatively to complete missions or band together to participate in activities and ambient events. Compete in traditional game modes with the entire community, all with the personality and refined mechanics of GTA V plus a host of updates and tweaks made after release.

Players can invest in their character through customizing their appearance, improving their stats, owning customized vehicles, purchasing personal property and taking part in missions, jobs and activities while earning reputation and cash to open up new opportunities to rise through the criminal ranks. The world of Grand Theft Auto Online will constantly grow and change. New content is added constantly creating the first ever persistent and dynamic online Grand Theft Auto game world.

And this is where the free shark cards come in, instead of having to grind online for cash since you can get them here for free! Most of all saving you time to just have fun with your friends online!

GTA Online Updates

The Beach Bum Update :
In this update new off-road vehicles and a speedboat to purchase with your shark cards! 2 new weapons (the SnS pistol and a bottle) are available.

The Free mode Events Update:
This giant patch allows you to experience a new way to experience GTA online! A ton of new modes, features and activities are now accessible in freemode. This update also includes the Rockstar Editor.

The I’m Not a Hipster Update:
With 12 new jobs across a bunch of game modes this is a big update, races, death match, 2 new captures and a lot more including 7 vehicles and 2 weapons.

The High Life Update:
The perfect update to spend your Gta Shark cards on! High end vehicles (including a new super car!), new clothing and the new bullpup rifle take care of the content for this patch. This update also introduces a new mental state system that keeps track of gamer behavior.

The Ill-Gotten Gains and Business Updates:
Another 2 great patches for shark card spending! Many luxury items and 3 new weapons are available alongside new luxury engravings for other weapons. Plus high end vehicles (Turismo R. foro ne) and a ton of new clothing items.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony & Import/Export:
These big update gives rich players the chance to be a CEO of a criminal network, you get to hire underlings to trade cargo, purchase business properties and many other activities related to your new criminal empire. A ton of new vehicles have been added including supercars and luxury vehicles. Drum magazines have been introduces for 8 weapons along with some new game modes. The 2nd patch introduces the ability to steal and export high end vehicles and a ton of new vehicles.

The Executives and Other Criminals patch:
New apartments and luxurious water faring yachts have been introduced, the perfect high-end items for your free shark cards! As is often the case this patch contains new modes and vehicles (this time with armored variants). The groundwork for the later Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is also introduced here.

The Low-riders update:
This patch introduces the tuners wet dream! Benny’s original Motor works in downtown strawberry! You can mod your car inside and out in this new facility. This update also brings new missions, weapons and real estate.

The Heists Update:
This epic update allows you to plan, prep and execute long and complicated heists across the GTA online game world. It introduces a new character and brings some epic co-op content. It also contains many new vehicles weapons and clothing items.

The Biker update:
Brought to you in this update are motorcycles and the ability to start your own MC club like the one from GTA IV’s DLC. Like with the criminal network you can purchase properties and do many other activities with your club. A ton of other new vehicles weapons and clothing are available to buy with free shark cards cash!

The Gunrunning update:

Since the Gunrunning update is all about the trading of illegal weapons. It focuses on the smuggling of high-value weapons around the city of San Andreas, as well as collecting and modding a wide range of weaponized vehicles. Players who have already become a CEO, Biker Club President, or VIP can buy a below ground bunker in the Desert to use as a base of operations and build a weapon manufacturing outfit.

New updates are sure to follow we will update this page when they do!

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